There is no doubt that a music system can instantly transform your abode from an otherwise dull place. Nonetheless, it is never an easy job choosing the one that best suits your needs. To guide you in getting the best home audio system here is a top ten list of the best of them in 2018 to help you make your ultimate choice.

1 Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro (Best Overall)

This is a massive 400 Watt 7.1-channel sound bar for a remarkable home audio experience. It comprises six DSP chipsets and five speaker chambers (sealed) that are fine-tuned courtesy of its DSP EQ modes. This system also includes 11 speaker drivers (tuned) producing 104dB worth of sound not to mention a wireless (8-inch) subwoofer that adds to its deep bass.

Finally, it includes wireless satellite speakers; with an HDMI-connected bar comprising 4K pass allowing it to support Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD content.

2 30 Series III Bose Sound Touch (Wireless)

The Series III Bose touch is just but a wonderful addition to your home. It features patented technology designed complemented by wireless and Bluetooth-enabled speakers to inspire robust and deep sound. It accommodates Bluetooth devices and is as easy to operate as it is to set-up. Additionally, Bose includes two color options (white and black) making it a generally worthwhile investment.

3 Sonos Play: 1 (Best Budget):

The Sonos Play is a 4.7 X 6.4-inch system is the best home audio system when it comes to the budget. Weighing at 4.1 pounds, this system is easy to setup and runs on its free Sonos App. Moreover, it also features two amps and 3.5-inch woofer both powered by an outlet (wall) connector for impeccable sound and volume.

4 LG CM4550 (Best Sound):

The 700 W LG CM4550 is your best bet for quality sound at an affordable price. It is Bluetooth-enabled which allows easy music connection not to mention its Auto DJ feature that allows good music flow with each song. Finally, this system has a subwoofer and two speakers bringing you immersive sound accentuated by its precision EQ that draws out all the unique aspects of a song.

5 Yamaha YHT-390UBL (Best Sound Runner-Up):

Optimized for wireless Bluetooth streaming and Ultra HD 4K video play, the YHT-390UBL Yamaha is ultimately the best home audio system for remarkable sound quality. It is a 5.1 channel Yamaha setup comprising four surround speakers, an eight-inch 100-watt subwoofer, and a central channel. Each speaker features a low-range enhancement technology for efficient acoustic balance and localization besides a rich bass.

What’s more, it has a flexible option (Virtual Cinema Front) to save on space. Furthermore, the Yamaha YPAO helps you analyze room acoustic and make necessary automatic adjustments for a maximum listening experience.

6 Logitech Z506 (Best Under $75)

The Logitech Z506 is a 5.1 two-challenged piece featuring 3D surround sound system that includes a down-firing ported subwoofer and six black speakers for a clean bass. This 75 Watt system includes an RCA/3.5 mm audio out for easy connection and allows you to easily adjust your speaker bass with a standard control dial.

7 Acoustic Audio AA5170 (Best for Large Rooms):

Bluetooth-enabled AA5170 is proof that the best home audio system can be affordable too. This 5.1 system features a Powered Sub for an exceptional booming sound and includes six speakers for an all-inclusive sound cover. What’s more, despite its considerably low price, it surprisingly includes five independent speakers designed for surround sound, an amplified subwoofer, SD card input, an FM tuner, MP3 (flash drive) payer, not to mention RCA and 3.55mm wires to plug in and play your music.

8 Sony CMTSBT100 (Best for Small Rooms):

Customized to suit smaller spaces, this book-shelf styled 50 watts Micro Music System is the best home audio system around for small rooms. It comes with an inbuilt CD player, a USB input, Bluetooth connectivity not to mention one-touch NFC that allows direct streaming from your personal device i.e. smartphone, laptop etc. Its old school, brushed metal gives this Sony system a retro look and despite not featuring an iPod dock, its USB port offers you a supplementary charging option.

9 High Definition Series 5.1 Acoustic Audio (Best In-Wall):

With a seamless installation process, this 5.1 channel system blends perfectly well in your room. It features four front in-wall rectangular speakers as well as two in-ceiling round speakers that offer it the minimalist sleek look. What’s
more, with its two 10-inch (in-wall) subwoofers, it gives you a vivid high definition sound for a relaxing entertainment session.

10 Bose Wave Sound touch IV (Best Wireless):

Wave Sound touch IV is a trailblazing wireless connectivity system with top-notch speakers for a fine audio experience. It features a powerful app that allows you to easily stream your music via WIFI and Bluetooth. Moreover, it features an exclusive speaker technology (Waveguider) that delivers impeccably superb sound and is amazingly convenient since you can connect multiple devices for your delight. 

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