Music is all over the place. New technologies keep emerging to make sure people find it easy to listen to their favorite playlist wherever they are. Today, many jog or hit the gym with ear buds. It is common to find someone blasting the radio when in a happy mood, or when feeling low. What is a party without music?

Now, it is always great when there is research showing the existence of something. Like many other fields, studies have come to prove the health benefits of music. Among the benefits present in research there are music eases back pain, and helps with counseling. Any best music reviews mention such factors as part of what music does to the body and mind.

Here are several proven ways in which music improves health.

1. Easing back pain

Music plays a crucial role in the heart and nervous system including the brain. Issues associated with the heart include hypertension. For the nerve system, it is about feelings and emotions. Nerves function to make you feel pain and take action to sooth it. Research shows that the brain and nerves react positively to music. That is why when some people are in pain even when in hospital, they like to listen to music.

Slow music calms one down meaning blood pressure and heartbeat slow down to keep one safe. This reduces muscular tension in organs such as the back, stomach and neck.

Music also does a good job on the psychological aspect of human beings. It helps the mind relax. Back pain causes tension, frustration and general body weakness. However, music on the other hand eases it by helping one mentally and physically. An Austria General Hospital of Salzburg study found out that patients who listened to music had less back pain than those who simply got physical therapy. It is recommended to listen to music for 25minutes for 10days consecutively to prevent backaches.

Sleep quality improves with more exposure to rhythms. This is something many best music reviews reiterate. People sleep better with music than without it. According to experts, Classical and other slow music genres are great for lowering back pains.

2. Enriching workouts

Music works in three ways to improve exercise. It boosts physical and mental endurance (strength), elevates mood and distracts the mind from discomfort and other negative things. Research by Hampden Sydney College in the US shows that men who rode bicycles while listening to music went further than when they had no music. Studies also show that exertion levels were lower when music was in the mix.

About mood, a hormone by the name endorphins makes people feel good. Music speaks to this hormone. It causes the body to release endorphins thus improving mood, thus one lasts longer in the gym. Slow music is not good for workouts, but fast, high tempo playlists will do the trick.

3. Unlocking memories

People remember the past by simply listening to a song that registered in the mind a while ago. Music and memory organs are next to each other in the brain. No wonder the magic music has on memory loss. For this reason, research has proven the effect of music on memory. Tape and live music helped patients manage anxiety and became more aware of their lives.

This is according to a study at Sogn Og Fjordane College in Norway. It is important to let memory loss patients choose the kind of music they like. Forcing a genre on them is not a good idea.

4. Childbirth

Any woman who has been through childbirth understands and knows the pain in the process. Labor involves back pains as well. Therefore, if music helps with such pain then childbirth will be more bearable unlike when going through contractions with no sound. Waiting for pain that will ultimately come is not a pleasurable experience. Music can also improve mood during birth.

5. Depression

Depression involves feelings such as being low, moody and being deep into thoughts. If music distracts the mind from such discomfort and lifts a person’s mood, then it can lower the effects of depression on an individual.

6. Children in surgery

Children recognize the sound. It is why most of children’s audio and video content has lots of sound and music. It keeps them entertained and calms their minds. Surgery can be scary for children. Playing a song or tune a child likes assist him or her loosen up, relax and go through surgery. It also distracts his or her mind from the hospital environment and everything happening around him or her.

With the above health benefits music has to offer, it is time people should start listening to more music and appreciated its role in life. Reading best music reviews will help shed more light into music and health relationship. 

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