There are plenty of headphone choices in the market, and though this is a good thing, it also leaves you confused. A good headphone makes a big difference between just listening and listening to something with great clarity and great bass quality. If you are amongst those who will be using the headphone often and want just high sound quality then you need to invest in the best. But how to buy best headphones, if this is what you are now thinking, then let us discover a few tips or things to consider that will help you make the right choice.

1. The various styles and forms

While thinking how to buy best headphones, you obviously also need to consider the various forms and styles available and figure out which one is ideal for you. Let us learn about some of the available choices –

On-ear headphones – These headphones rest on the top of the outer ears of the user and come in various price ranges. Though most of them have closed designs, some sealed circumaural models that offer great sound isolation are also available.

Earbud headphones – There are many types of earbud headphones, those that come free with your smartphones, those that you get on an airplane, and those that are known for offering great performance. You have to insert these headphones into your ear canal or they rest on the outside of the ear.

Wireless headphones – Such headphone use Bluetooth to transmit sound but owing to file compression you may have to sacrifice a bit on the sound quality. However, some models come with aptX Bluetooth codec which helps you enjoy a better fidelity.

Full-sized headphones – These headphones have earcups that completely enclose the ears. Owing to their huge size they are mostly used at homes.

Completely wireless headphones – Such headphones have limited features and are simple. However, a few high-end models are offering some “smart” advanced features as well.

2. The bass quality

Even the best headphone will not be able to offer the bass quality as does a big subwoofer or speaker. However, while planning how to buy best headphones, you still need to check at least a few of them as one is bound to be better than the others. Earbuds are portable and small but apart from a few expensive models they cannot compete with those big full-sized earphones as far as the visceral dynamic range or deep bass response is concerned.

3. Sealed or open

You need to consider whether you want a headphone for private listening or have no problems if others get to hear the sound or you get to hear the noise around. For private listening, a sealed headphone is
the best choice as they do not let the surrounding noise to disturb you and nor do others get to hear what you are listening to. The level of isolation will definitely vary from one model to another. On the other hand, open headphones allow you to hear the outside sound, and also whatever is being played will be audible to a certain degree by those around you.

4. Weight and comfort

While deciding how to buy best headphones you must give importance to the comfort level as well. To understand how comfortable you are with a pair you need to wear and use them for at least about 10 minutes. Are they comfortable or do they exert a lot of pressure on the ears? A headphone that covers the ears may get very hot, but you need to wear them for some time to understand this. The pro-style headphones are bulky and if you wear them for hours you may feel uncomfortable. The headband style headphones are easier to carry and also comfortable compared to the heavier ones.

5. The cable length and dressing

If you really want to know how to buy best headphones then an important thing to consider will be the length and dressing of the cable. Stereo headphone usually comes with a single cable, and smaller models have a Y-cable connecting both the earpieces. The length of the headphone cables also vary and you need to keep this mind while buying one. If your gadget will be in your pocket or backpack then you need a longer cable. However, if you will be wearing the player on your armband or neck lavalier then you need a short cable.

6. Durability

Since you will be investing a certain amount on your headphone, you naturally would want it to last as long as is possible. So, make sure to check the quality of the one that you plan to buy. Check if the portable devices and earbuds are too fragile. Also, see if they can be easily folded for convenient storage and if the hinges are strong.

Now that you know how to buy best headphones, waste no time and begin your search. Apart from the features mentioned above also consider your budget. If you invest enough time and browse carefully, you can easily find a headphone with almost all the features you need that too within your price range, so remember, searching well is very important.

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