Bluetooth speakers have captured the present generation to such an extent that it is hard to find an abode deficient of one. The entertainment segment is in demand of something that can not only offer better sound quality but also individual entertainment and different types of multimedia speakers have come into being. Bluetooth speakers are definitely a good choice here since they offer host of advantages that range from portability to power efficiency to wireless to seamless installation process. If you are looking to buy the best portable Bluetooth speakers, then this guide is right for you.

What are Bluetooth speakers?

The conventional speakers require a cable link that connects to the audio source which can be an iPod or a stereo system with an amp or a simple tab or smartphone. On the contrary, the Bluetooth speakers avoid these physical constraints by utilizing the same Bluetooth protocol as well as an audio system which underlies the Bluetooth wireless earpieces and in-car speakerphone systems. This is the most primary component of any Bluetooth speaker apart from which there are hordes of variables that differentiates the Bluetooth speaker models from one another.

Why should one opt for a Bluetooth speaker?

Anyone who is looking for a convenient means of listening to any audio, be it entertaining or informative away from the source device should look for the best portable Bluetooth speakers. These speakers can enable one to listen to an audio away from the car or home stereo system or from different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, computers or iPod. It is a great choice when someone is beyond the reach of the traditional stereo or music system. There are also Bluetooth enabled speakers which are bulky enough to replace the conventional home stereo systems or bookshelf speakers. However, it is a wise decision to look for and invest in the best portable Bluetooth speakers.

What are the different factors to bear in mind before shopping for a Bluetooth speaker? 

Once you have a better comprehension of what constitutes a Bluetooth speaker, it is time to delve deeper into the features found in these modest gadgets and how they are pertinent to your buying needs. 

Physical dimensions: The first thing that will arrest one’s attention about the best portable Bluetooth speakers, is definitely the form factor. No one will be interested in spending money on something that is way too big or too small to meet the expectations. There are two primary size categories of Bluetooth devices where you have one size which is not exactly pocket size but can be stuffed inside a small bag and another one is quite big which is an unsuitable fit in your bag. Before you decide whether you should go for the larger or the smaller one, let’s move onto other features first. 

Arrangement and wattage: The best portable Bluetooth speakers would have a 2.1 channel sound along with a subwoofer to offer an amazing aural experience. The power and size of the speakers definitely have an impact. For instance, the Braven BR-1 comes with 2.1 channel sound that is distributed between one active subwoofer and two speakers. On the other hand, NYNE Bass has 35-watt powerhouse which is also distributed among the same as Braven. It is worthy of mention that portable Bluetooth speakers with larger speakers as well as higher wattage will definitely offer higher volume. If you are looking for the speaker that will emit sound so as to overpower a crowd of people or other noise, you must go for a speaker with high wattage. 

Battery size: When it comes to the battery size of the best portable Bluetooth speakers, two factors must be taken into account. Firstly, there is battery size in relation to the power requirements of the unit and second, when you are comparing the active playtimes of the device, it is suggested to rely on the maker’s estimated playing time. The absolute capacity of the battery only matters in cases where you are willing to share battery power to another Bluetooth device.  

It is natural to be perplexed by the various types of Bluetooth speakers in the market and therefore, it is important to go through the features of the prospective pieces and prioritize the needs and preferences in order to pick the best portable Bluetooth speakers. 

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